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I love these guys. This is one of the most caring group of people I have met in a Veterinary setting. I have a long history of working with animal care staff throughout southern Alberta and these guys are tops. I have been going to them for only a couple of years as we had just moved into the area but I wished I had them during the lives of all of our animals. We came to them with three geriatric cats and two of them have since passed both 18 years old when they passed and we still have our 17 year old. Our old cats have received the best medical care and I can trust the staff to do the right thing not just the most expensive thing. Our animals have never been pets, they are family and as they age so much quicker than we do, at least with mammal type companion animals, high quality medical attention is important. This clinic provides excellent care, guidance and advice on animal care needs. Fully recommended.