Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cassie Gillespie

Cassie was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California.  Cassie started her veterinary career at 17 years old, when she got a part time job cleaning the local animal hospital in the evenings and taking care of their in-house pets. Cassie realized very quickly that the world of caring for animals was for her. Since the early beginnings as a kennel cleaner, Cassie has grown her career and knowledge and has become a technician in the US. In her 17 years in the field, Cassie has worked in general practice, exotics, emergency, physical therapy and holistic veterinary medicine. Cassie’s love for all things pet, worked its way into 7 years training dogs in the evenings and fostering for local rescues specializing in pitbulls and seniors. These days Cassie has adjusted well to the drastic weather change after a transfer from the Sunshine and warmth due to her husband’s company moving them up to Calgary in 2017. She now enjoys the  snow with her husband and 2 dogs Monroe (a 7 year old pitbull) and Wallace (a 2 year old cavalier king charles).

Only Cassie could take her love of animals and love of baking and put them together to form her own business. Cassie is the owner/operator of, where she puts her creativity and love of animals on display. A visit to her page will show you everything from cute doggy cupcakes, to interesting veterinary themed cakes and some other examples of her work that you might doubt are even edible ( I promise you, it all tastes as good as it looks).