Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Alex Nowoselski, RVT

alexAlex was born and raised in Winnipeg until she movedFB_IMG_1457047808599 to Calgary when she was 10 years old. Shortly after graduating from high school Alex started her own grooming business with her mother that thrived for 3 years. Alex decided to go into another direction and get into the veterinary industry where she worked in an emergency clinic for 2 years and then a local small animal hospital for another couple years. Alex is currently enrolled in the AHT program through TRU and is enjoying her time working towards her goal to become an animal health technologist. Alex, along with her fiancé Justin have two rescue cats Olive and Lily, who started out as foster cats when they were 3-4 weeks old. Considering they are full grown adults now, they don’t think they are going anywhere, and Alex wouldn’t have it any other way. Tucker and Lola, their two dogs round out the family perfectly. Alex and Justin love the summer and spending time on their boat as much as possible.