(Posted March 25, 2020)

Dear Cornerstone Square Community,

At this time, our hospital will remain in service — with NEW PROTOCOLS for how we operate.  We are continuing to adapt to the COVID-19 threat.  We are working diligently to balance medical science, intelligent practices, and our desire to continue serving our community, doing so in a way that optimizes safety while acknowledging our responsibilities to promote both public and animal welfare.

We are continuing to monitor staff health closely, maintain highest standards of hospital sanitation, and minimizing human-human contact. 

At this time, we would ask if you are home quarantined or exhibiting any symptoms (feeling ill, fever, breathing difficulties), or live with people who are exhibiting symptoms or have recently travelled to please reschedule any appointments for a later date.


We are open during our normal business hours; however, our doors will be locked to minimize the number of people in the building.  Please call ahead (or even from your vehicle) to arrange to purchase food or to arrange an appointment.

For food and medication purchases:

Please call ahead to order your food and medication.  Diet purchases may be restricted depending on availability from our supplier.  Suppliers are not taking returns currently.

We will notify you when your diet or medications are ready.  It is easiest if payment is made over the phone by credit card with one of our technicians prior to pick up.  Arrange a time for pick up and we can give you the products at the door.

For Appointments:

We are NOT taking walk-ins currently.  Please call ahead to book an appointment.

Effective March 24th, we will be minimizing the number of clients coming into the building.

When you arrive for your appointment please stay in your vehicle and phone the clinic to let one of our staff know that you are here.  They will take a detailed description of your concerns/the purpose of the appointment, get your cell number and then arrange to meet you at the door to get your pet.  A veterinarian will perform the examination in our facility and then will contact you to discuss findings over the phone. It is easiest if payment for the services is made over the phone by credit card once the consult is complete.  Your pet will then be returned to you. Please ensure that your dogs are secured on a leash and your cat is secured in a carrier.

An alternative to a specific appointment time is to arrange for a “drop-off appointment” in a specific time period.

To help keep our staff safe, we are continuing our NO CASH policy at this time. We are happy to accept Debit, Visa and MasterCard.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this strange time. Please visit our website or Facebook page for any future updates on our policies and procedures.

Stay healthy, from your Friends at Cornerstone Square Veterinary Hospital.

(Posted March 16, 2020)

Dear Cornerstone Square Veterinary Hospital Family,

We are reaching out to you during this time of small business vulnerability and universal uncertainty, amidst the ever-evolving changes around how we as a community respond to COVID-19. We take the safety of our staff, clients and patients very seriously, and we appreciate your trust in us, as we traverse these unknowns together. Your ongoing support of our clinic allows us to continue to provide much-needed jobs and benefits for our employees. Thank you for supporting our community by supporting our small business (and other small businesses), as we work together through this challenging time.

At this time, our hospital will remain in service — with new protocols for how we operate. We are working diligently to balance medical science, intelligent practices, and our desire to continue serving our community, doing so in a way that optimizes safety while acknowledging our responsibilities to promote both public and animal welfare. 

Updated protocols for Cornerstone Square Veterinary Hospital, as of March 16, 2020:

  • STAFF HEALTH: Our staff members are instructed to stay at home if they present any symptoms, if they are in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or if they have any medical reason to seek care and/or self-quarantine. While this may render us short-staffed at times, we will do our best to run our hospital as efficiently as possible. Thank you for your ongoing care and support of our hospital, our team, and for understanding that we are all doing our best to do the right thing.
  • HOSPITAL SANITATION: For our cleaning/sanitizing and hand washing procedures, which were already quite comprehensive, we are taking even greater measures as recommended by public health guidelines, sanitizing doorknobs, countertops, etc with much greater frequency. Please thoroughly wash your hands as often as possible, including while you are visiting our clinic.  
  • NO HUMAN-HUMAN PHYSICAL CONTACT: While many of us love a good handshake or hug exchanged with our clients, we are all refraining from contact greetings (including hand shaking) at this time. 


 ***IF SOMEONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD IS ILL / QUARANTINED / POSSIBLY EXPOSED TO COVID-19 AND A PET IN THAT HOUSEHOLD NEEDS MEDICAL CARE:  You must inform our staff — over the phone — that someone in the household (or caretaking environment) is ill or exposed — BEFORE entering into the hospital — so that we can triage the animal’s needs while giving specific instructions about how to proceed.***


  • NO ILL PERSONS INSIDE: No person may enter our hospital if they or anyone in their home (or anyone for whom they are caretaking) is feeling ill with any signs of fever, breathing difficulties or cough. In other words, only people without any symptoms of illness may enter inside the hospital doors.
  • NO CASUAL ENTRY: We are not taking “walk-in” appointments, scheduling appointments in-person, or refilling medications from in-person requests at this time. If you wish to enter into our clinic or conduct any business with us for any reason, you must contact us (via phone call or email) ahead of time — even if that contact is made from your cell phone while sitting in our parking lot. 
  • MEDICATION REFILLS: To refill your pet’s medication at our clinic, please call or email your request well ahead of time (the standard 2 business days prior to need). Once your pet’s medication has been filled, we will call you and encourage you to pre-pay over the phone with credit card. 
  • NO NON-ESSENTIAL ENTRY: Those individuals who do not need to be physically present inside the hospital building should remain at home, inside your vehicle, or outside of the building. Please leave all non-essential family members at home, only one healthy adult entering the building per appointment, whenever possible.
  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING WHEN INSIDE THE HOSPITAL: When entering our hospitals, please observe the recommended “social distancing” separation of 6 feet between yourself and othersWhenever possible we will encourage our clients to allow our staff members to gently restrain animal patients during examinations, allowing our clients to remain seated a safe distance from the veterinarians and staff. 


  • DROP-OFF APPOINTMENTS: While this may not be the best option for animals who become vocal or panicked when their caretakers leave them in our care, many of our patients do well while being “dropped off” at the hospital for a few hours, during which time the staff and doctors evaluate and treat the patient as efficiently as possible. If you wish to arrange for a drop-off exam for your pet, please call our staff to set up an appointment — so that we can make sure we reserve a dog or cat condo space for their brief stay with us. 

 Information from the AVMA regarding COVID-19 in pets: “According to the CDC, the OIE, and the WHO, there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets can spread COVID-19 to other animals, including people.” Please see for more information.

Thank you for reading and digesting this — and for your cooperation, as well all work together. We will continue to update you as things evolve into the future. In the meantime, keep yourselves as safe (and as safely-connected, to the immense web of support within this strong and loving community) as possible.

With our love, care and appreciation,

The Staff at Cornerstone Square Veterinary Hospital 

This message was adapted from a message sent out to Chimacum Valley Veterinary Hospital & Pet Townsend Veterinary Clinic from its owners.